Information on the use of your data

This note has the function to inform you about the processing of your data submitted for the International Urban Project Award 2021 by Bauverlag BV GmbH („Bauwelt“, „Bauverlag BV GmbH“, „we“, „us“ and „our“).


Bauverlag BV GmbH, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 62, 33310 Gütersloh Germany

Michael Voss
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Data Security

Diese Datenschutzinformation gilt für die Datenverarbeitung durch:
This information on data privacy protection applys to data processing by:

Bauverlag BV GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 62
33310 Gütersloh
+49 (0)5241 / 21516644
The data protection officer of Bauverlag BV GmbH can be contacted under the above named address, for the attention of Thorsten Beermann, or via mail at

Legal terms

We process your personal data as necessary for the participation in the International Urban Project Award. We use your data to inform you about the course of the award, such as the announcement of the winners, the invitation to the award ceremony and to contact you for a potential publication of your entry in Bauwelt print/online. It is permitted to pass on the submitted project details to our global partners for publication purposes.

Data categories

We are processing the following data categories:


Your data will only be processed within the Bauwelt editorial office and only in in the context of IUPA 2021.

Data storage

Data is processed and stored according to GDPR.

Right to information, correction, deletion, restriction, disaccord, submission

You have at any moment the right to ask for information, correction, deletion and restriction of your data. Further you can disagree to the processing of your data. Your disaccord can lead to exclusion from the competition.

Legal complaint

You have the right to get in touch with the surveillance authorities:

Landesbeauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit

Postfach 20 04 44
40102 Düsseldorf Germany

Data source

Your data are submitted by yourself through the form we provide on our website. You can also inform us about your data by phone, email or mail.

For any question, please contact our service